Honorary Consulate of the
Florence - Italy

The Honorary Consulate of the Republic of Estonia in Florence was founded in July 2000. The estonian Honorary Consul is a lawyer Luigi Cecchini (exequatur 27th of July 2000) and the consular area is Tuscany.
The main duties of the honorary consulate are:
- to give consular assistance to estonian citizens and holders of alien’s passport of the Republic of Estonia
- to develope cultural contacts and cooperation between Estonia and Italy
- to develope economic contacts and cooperation.
The functions of the Honorary Consuls are established by Vienna Convention on Consular Relations (1963).

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Via Lamarmora, 55
50121 Florence (FI)
Phone: +39 055 588313 / 583352
Fax +39 055 575951
E-mail: info@consolatoestonia.eu

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